Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Top 5 automation technologies to upgrade your home!

In today’s competitive and fast pace life we don’t have time to check security for our own home. However nowadays real estate developers like, Jain heights understands these issues and wants to provide high-value technological services. Science and technology innovate every day something new that comfortable life of humans. Automation technology for home is an innovation and technology where one can handle his home through the remote.

What is smart home?

Smart home means controlling all functions of home through various technologies. Every function of home are connected internally and under control of one independent remote system. Functions like air conditioners, lighting in the home, ventilation, washers, freezers, ovens, control heating, security systems, controlling audio-video systems, kitchen appliances etc.

Top 5 technologies to upgrade your home

  • Smart Alarm system- Alarm systems are very important nowadays for security. This smart alarm system controls lights of the home, Locks of the doors, garage of your house. Owner of the alarm system can anytime; anywhere can control it and get updated if something suspicious happens.

  • Temperature controlling software-On of the most convenient and comfortable technology software nowadays is temperature control. With the help of this technology software, you don’t need to always on or off switch you can do through your mobile and from anywhere.

  • Smart lock system- Can you believe this! This technology enables you to open the door with just your Smartphone. Censor of this technology capture your mobile range and unlock the door. Hence Smartphone will be a key for you.

  • ·Technology for controlling kitchen appliances- If you are out of home then you don't have control on your kitchen appliances. However, through this technology, you can carry the responsibility of a host by making coffee through coffee machine, although you’re not at home.

  • 360 degrees home view- These cameras are a special camera which rotates 360 degrees everywhere so one can easily track record of home for the security purposes. This technology is so appropriate that one get good picture always at anywhere from your mobile device.

Why one need automation technology

· Security- As earlier said nowadays security of your apartment is necessary due to increase in the case of robberies. With these automated technologies one easily tracks his home Smartphone. If anything suspicious caught by the censors of the technology it immediately informs the owner.
· Social Responsibility- Yes, we are lucky enough that we get all the facilities, but it doesn’t mean that we waste it. Climate change is a big issue in recent days; Government is running awareness program for to society that switch off the lights once you are out from home/room. This technology gives you benefit to switch off the lights from a mobile device if you forget.

Today we are living in a golden time where we get each and every facility to live a comfortable, safe and secure life due to technological advancement. Many renowned builders are providing the benefit of innovation and technology for the customer.

Please select the best option for your dream home.

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