Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Luxury housing a new chapter opens – Jain Heights

At any given point of time, and regardless of any economic conditions, it is a fact that there will always be people who are not content with just any kind of home. This results in the demand for luxury homes in India. This, however, may rise and fall but for sure will never fade away.
It is purely driven by the increase in the standard of living and increasing disposable income between the entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and IT professionals, and not to forget the scions of traditionally wealthy families. They have a desire for more than just four walls and a parking slot.
Indian luxury home buyers have many sound reasons for choosing to live in premium rather than ‘normal’ homes, here is why –
It’s a status aspiration
Buying a luxury home is a matter of prestige, and of course, it is. After all, most luxury home owners have bought their pride and joy with their hard-earned money.
They want to live in bigger space that announces their arrival and offer a higher lifestyle rather than just a postal address.
Comfort matters
The modern luxury homes provide all types of comforts. Even the basic ones come with features like swimming pools, themed buildings, landscaped gardens, gyms zone, meditation centers, modern manicured lawns, complete electronic security, touch-button responsive fixtures, and also the entertainment and shopping space which together makes the living experience more comfortable.
Higher security
One best feature of any luxury homes is that they have top-notch security, both in terms of trained security personnel and electronic security devices installed.
Also, in the case of any accidents and medical emergencies, it can be quickly taken care of with immediate response triggered by technology, and the availability of hospitals and emergency rooms in proximity.
Technological enablement
Technology and IT innovation have gone through a tremendous makeover in the recent times; they have in fact made the living experience in high-end homes extraordinary. Right from solar generators to remote controlled window shutters, everything is perfectly directed at meeting the demands of homebuyers looking for an ultra-modern lifestyle.
Better neighbors
The benefits of moving into in a luxury apartment do not only extend to conveniences, the luxury housing projects are also seen as the perfect environment for one’s family to live in and socialize. After all, such projects basically form a society with a degree of culture, education, and beliefs.
Great investment value
Lately, the increasing demand for properties in India rivals that of gold. However, properties present the advantage of being an asset that rises in terms of value at every instance and it is also a ‘performing asset’. Given the fact that luxury homes are in high demand even in the secondary market, their net worth individuals (HNIs) see them as the perfect investment opportunity that guarantees higher returns in the future.
So now we know why luxury housing is the new emerging trend but it is also important to choose the right provider for such properties. Give us a call or reach us at www.jainheights.com and know how much better are our luxury homes compared to other competitors.