Monday, 27 November 2017

10 must-see colors that can make your home beautiful!

Home is a place which relates to social pride, status in the society, apart from social status it is a private space for rejuvenating celebrating each pace of your life. Hence when one gets a chance to design home he wants to consider every point which makes his home beautiful, attractive as well as comfortable for him. For the interior of the home, colors play an important role. Now the question is how to select a color?
Different sections of Home

-    First and foremost is Living room section, one need to take care while choosing the color of this section as the first impression is the last impression.
-   A kitchen is a place where our homemakers spend most of the time and especially Indian ladies will never compromise in kitchen color.
-   The bedroom is a personal space for us it is a place where we are relaxing our self.
Best colors for living room

A mixture of Blue and white- If you want refreshing, pure, simple and sober than a combination of blue and white gives vibes of luxurious oceanic feeling.

Color impact on human mood Blue- Lowers hypertension lowers anger, useful for migraine patient.
White- Simple sober and gives you peace of mind.
A mixture of yellow and cream/white- In every luxurious property mixture of cream/white and yellow is used, and this color is also complementing with chandelier.

Color impact on Human mood- Yellow color is a color of energy; it kills sadness.

Silver color- If you are in plan for doing wooden flooring then the silver tone will be surely complementing it would give your living room a western look.

Color impact on Human mood-Silver color is the color of innovation, high tech, and grace.
Best colors for bedroom-
Mixing of a brown color- the Brown color looks very elegant in the bedroom and especially it seems good with white as well as with yellow color.
Color impact on Human mood-The brown color resembles earth. This color will make your mood friendlier as well as talkative.
Use of Red color- If you want your bedroom sharp, aromatic and especially for couple one can use red color.

Colors impact on human mood-The red color is the color of love, energy, warmness, and increase sexual and romantic desires.
Green and brown color- If you want the feeling of greenery, freshness, then use this color combination.

Colors impact on mood-The green color is soothing for your eyes which makes your mood good; green color provides strength.
Best colors for Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the important parts of home; hence for kitchen one can choose color which matches color of kitchen cabinet
Best colors are- Dark white, light grey, dark Red, combination white, and cream, etc. Impact of these colors is as stated above.
Designing home is always depending on owner’s creativity understanding of color. Therefore before selecting a color, please consider that colors impact in your life.

Please research thoroughly for your dreamland.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Top 5 automation technologies to upgrade your home!

In today’s competitive and fast pace life we don’t have time to check security for our own home. However nowadays real estate developers like, Jain heights understands these issues and wants to provide high-value technological services. Science and technology innovate every day something new that comfortable life of humans. Automation technology for home is an innovation and technology where one can handle his home through the remote.

What is smart home?

Smart home means controlling all functions of home through various technologies. Every function of home are connected internally and under control of one independent remote system. Functions like air conditioners, lighting in the home, ventilation, washers, freezers, ovens, control heating, security systems, controlling audio-video systems, kitchen appliances etc.

Top 5 technologies to upgrade your home

  • Smart Alarm system- Alarm systems are very important nowadays for security. This smart alarm system controls lights of the home, Locks of the doors, garage of your house. Owner of the alarm system can anytime; anywhere can control it and get updated if something suspicious happens.

  • Temperature controlling software-On of the most convenient and comfortable technology software nowadays is temperature control. With the help of this technology software, you don’t need to always on or off switch you can do through your mobile and from anywhere.

  • Smart lock system- Can you believe this! This technology enables you to open the door with just your Smartphone. Censor of this technology capture your mobile range and unlock the door. Hence Smartphone will be a key for you.

  • ·Technology for controlling kitchen appliances- If you are out of home then you don't have control on your kitchen appliances. However, through this technology, you can carry the responsibility of a host by making coffee through coffee machine, although you’re not at home.

  • 360 degrees home view- These cameras are a special camera which rotates 360 degrees everywhere so one can easily track record of home for the security purposes. This technology is so appropriate that one get good picture always at anywhere from your mobile device.

Why one need automation technology

· Security- As earlier said nowadays security of your apartment is necessary due to increase in the case of robberies. With these automated technologies one easily tracks his home Smartphone. If anything suspicious caught by the censors of the technology it immediately informs the owner.
· Social Responsibility- Yes, we are lucky enough that we get all the facilities, but it doesn’t mean that we waste it. Climate change is a big issue in recent days; Government is running awareness program for to society that switch off the lights once you are out from home/room. This technology gives you benefit to switch off the lights from a mobile device if you forget.

Today we are living in a golden time where we get each and every facility to live a comfortable, safe and secure life due to technological advancement. Many renowned builders are providing the benefit of innovation and technology for the customer.

Please select the best option for your dream home.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

5 luxury trends in home

Luxury resembles happiness. The luxury home design comes up with the convenient ways for an individual to spend his life well acquainted with all the necessary resources where one has to make minimum efforts to lead a healthy and happy life. While purchasing and a luxury home, the buyer needs to figure out about the cost, the surroundings and environment and the locality. They deal with what is inside your home and around your home, i.e., Location.
Luxury home always stands out from all the ordinary houses due to its architecture, construction and the amenities provided.
The elevators are included in the luxury homes to provide comfort and ease of access because people get so irritated to move here and there because of more floor to ceiling height which makes them very fussy and tired. The elevators should be spacy, and they must have a good carrying capacity. They should be constructed with a secure password connection.
Games and Entertainment Zone
This will have an enormous space for game courts so that you can invite many of your friends to your place and have a great competition over a number of sports. It also includes having a home theatre where you can sit on your comfortable couch doing nothing but watching over all your favorite movies and get going along. The sound system keeps you going and maintains your gay mood.
Technology Features
Security is the foremost concern for the house buyers these days. It is totally concerned with making our lives easier. In this current era, with the help of smartphone one can easily access the appliances, security cameras and alarm system in the house. The control over lightings, temperature and sound systems can be accessed far away just with a single touch. People nowadays are concerned to buy homes that contain a safe room or a sort of panic room.
Garden and Pools  
With this, one can totally retreat themselves at any time of the day. Waking up to the cool breeze and the sun rays in the lush green environment will be the best start to the day that can make your entire day productive. A number of trees can be planted to have a quiet and refreshing experience. Having one’s pool will be a great appeal and a special touch into the backyard space and it will keep you carefree and gives you escape from a relaxing state. Pools parties could be arranged, and social gatherings with lots of chit-chats can be organized where all are allowed to have fun and enjoyment to the fullest. Adding aquariums to your house will also add beauty.
High-class interior and outdoor kitchen
The interior and the architecture of the house is the outward thing which captures the heart of a person explicitly. Open floors and spacy living rooms provide a vast area in order to carry out any of the activities. One should always feel like an invited person into the kitchen. The appliances should be at a place where one can easily manage to handle them with minimal efforts and do not create a mess. The furniture in the kitchen should be well acquainted, and the drawers and cabinets must be going hand in hand. The important aspect of an outdoor kitchen is that while cooking the delicious food, you can communicate with all your guests and indulge in a talk.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Things to consider before shifting your home!

When we’re moving into a new house, you’re excited, but a little part of the mind is worried about the things to do, taken care of and consider before shifting. Tasks like packing, moving, dealing with the Internet, cable and other connections, clearing all dues sound nightmare. After some time, these thoughts overpower the excitement of moving in and sometimes might result in delay or more expenses.
The following are some of the tips to be more efficient while shifting your home:
1.    Do the talking in Numbers- Don’t ever try to plan by saying “I’ll shift by next week” or “I’ll pay the dues by evening”, rather fix a time and date like, “On 4th, I’m moving into the new house” and “at 5, I’m going to pay the bills online”. Always try to plan in Number so that you get clarity in your mind.
2.    Use Mobile Apps for “To do List”- This is very important and the best tip one can give. Smartphones are the best aid while you’re shifting as they can remind you about the things to do and show which tasks to be completed first, that is give you a sequential plan. Nowadays, one can set a reminder of calling or texting someone and the application itself does everything. This is helpful unless you start “What’s apping” your friend or watching YouTube videos.
3.    Segregating according to nature- Like the bin bags, one has to start separately from the Books and documents from Clothes and utensils. There should be different boxes or containers for kitchen utensils, books and stationaries, dresses and other items. Also, packing should be started as early as possible because it’s complicated.
4.    Hire Professional Movers- It is very important to hire professional movers as you can’t afford to take this task, while you’ve many ‘big ones’ in mind. And importantly they’re professional in this and do this job perfectly and more efficiently. But before trusting on the company or the firm, extensive research is necessary as you also can’t afford to damage any of your things.
5.    Pay all the dues- Before moving into a new place, you should always clear out the back. When you move in to a new place, you’ve ‘No Idea!’ how many things you’ve to do, so clearing out the old will definitely help.
6.    Keep your documents safely- We often hear, whenever someone moves into a new place, one of his important papers, document or Photo albums are lost or misplaced, and they get them after years and their expiry. So, keeping your documents safe and separately is the very important thing to be done.
The above tips will help but don't solve the tasks because the real job is solved with efficient planning and sometimes luck. It is also essential to clean the place before moving into a new one. Before moving in, check whether the place has all the basic connections like Electricity and Water. Read and listen as many blogs and people before the start and when started never listen to anyone as they might confuse and pressurize you.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Why should you invest in a second home?

If you are looking forward to making fresh investments, you are always in the dilemma what investment to make. Buying a second home could prove to be your best bet. The property investment is considered to the best and safe investment for future. Although it takes a lot of time and energy to decide on where and how to invest; there are a lot of reasons as to why should one consider buying a second home.
Although it’s a good idea to put your money in fixed deposits, equities, mutual funds or gold, if you are planning for a more significant investment then undoubtedly a second home should be your choice. Also, market trends clearly indicate that investing in real estate would assist you in earning better returns than any other asset class. Also, if you are buying a second home, then tax benefits on the interest payment of your home loan which you get can’t be neglected.
A second home is really a good investment option if you choose to gift yourself a retirement home. In case if you are living in a city away from your hometown, then buying a second home in your hometown could be a wise decision in case you plan to settle there after your retirement. A Second Home could also be seen as a fixed source of income for you after your retirement if you put it on rent. Another source of income could be buying the property at a vacation spot or a tourist spot. You can also visit your house anytime and relax with your family and friends anytime you wish being the owner of the property. It will give you an easy switch. Having properties in two different cities, you can consider shifting from one city to another any time you want. A change in the place may help you at times.
The Union Government in the budget of 2017 sent repercussions in all the directions. When it came to buying a second home, individuals witnessed both good and bad news. On the brighter side, affordable housing has got infrastructure status. As a consequence of this, it would provide developers with cheaper sources of finance. The allocation towards Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana has also been increased. These efforts are being made to transform the notion of “Roof for every family” into reality. As per the current Income Tax rules in India-
•    An assessee is exempt from paying income tax for principal amount repayments up to Rs. 150,000 under section 80c (along with other benefits in this section).
•    Interest paid on housing loans up to Rs. 200,000 is also exempt from tax under section 24b.
Thus, buying multiple houses & renting them also fetches rental income and certain tax rebates are also available to the assessee for such form of rental income subject to certain conditions which need to be fulfilled. These are broadly the reasons why people choose to invest in residential properties as an investment.

Friday, 3 November 2017

6 things to boost your home with positivity!

Our homes are the places that we spend our time relaxing and unwinding after a long and tiring day at work. Hence it is necessary that one should feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as they walk into their house. Your mind should automatically be at ease when you walk into your house. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure that your homes make you feel happy and positive whenever you walk into them.
Happy Colours
Bright, happy colours take away the monotony of a house that is only painted white. Make sure to use colours that are pleasing to the eye and brighten up your mood. These include yellow, green and blue. Use colours wherever you can, be it colouring a wall, choosing a bright cushion or a bedspread.  Try to stay away from darker colours as they might make your home look dull.
The best way to make your house seem bright and inviting is by bringing some potted plants into your home. It is going to take some effort to take care of them, but it is definitely going to be worth it. The plants will increase the oxygen concentration in your home. They will also make you feel at peace when you look at them. The beautiful flowers that will grow on them are going to bring some extra colour to your house.
Open Spaces
When you walk into to your home, you are most likely tired and are looking to sit down and relax. Open spaces in your house are automatically going to put your mind at ease. Make sure to arrange the furniture in such a way that it doesn’t look cluttered and messy. Try ensuring that the path to your bedroom is one that is free of any significant distractions as it will bring comfort to your mind.
Personalised Memories
A home is all about the people who are living in it. Hence the best way to ensure positivity within the house is to hang up memories of people who are living inside that very house. This could include family photographs; paintings children have made or even fridge magnets that were collected on a memorable trip. Ensure that once a family member walks into the house, they see the faces and memories of the people they love.
It is critical that your house should not seem stuffy and enclosed. Make sure to utilize windows wherever you can to make sure that you are getting fresh air every day. Apart from ventilation, these windows are also going to make sure that your home gets natural lighting which is very important as well.
If your house smells nice, you are definitely going to feel positive. However, incense is a very risky thing as your home can end up smelling bad if you chose incorrectly. Make sure that all members of your house are on board with the incense that you have chosen and they all can stand the smell. Sandalwood, jasmine, and frankincense are some of the most popular and soothing fragrances.