Monday, 27 November 2017

10 must-see colors that can make your home beautiful!

Home is a place which relates to social pride, status in the society, apart from social status it is a private space for rejuvenating celebrating each pace of your life. Hence when one gets a chance to design home he wants to consider every point which makes his home beautiful, attractive as well as comfortable for him. For the interior of the home, colors play an important role. Now the question is how to select a color?
Different sections of Home

-    First and foremost is Living room section, one need to take care while choosing the color of this section as the first impression is the last impression.
-   A kitchen is a place where our homemakers spend most of the time and especially Indian ladies will never compromise in kitchen color.
-   The bedroom is a personal space for us it is a place where we are relaxing our self.
Best colors for living room

A mixture of Blue and white- If you want refreshing, pure, simple and sober than a combination of blue and white gives vibes of luxurious oceanic feeling.

Color impact on human mood Blue- Lowers hypertension lowers anger, useful for migraine patient.
White- Simple sober and gives you peace of mind.
A mixture of yellow and cream/white- In every luxurious property mixture of cream/white and yellow is used, and this color is also complementing with chandelier.

Color impact on Human mood- Yellow color is a color of energy; it kills sadness.

Silver color- If you are in plan for doing wooden flooring then the silver tone will be surely complementing it would give your living room a western look.

Color impact on Human mood-Silver color is the color of innovation, high tech, and grace.
Best colors for bedroom-
Mixing of a brown color- the Brown color looks very elegant in the bedroom and especially it seems good with white as well as with yellow color.
Color impact on Human mood-The brown color resembles earth. This color will make your mood friendlier as well as talkative.
Use of Red color- If you want your bedroom sharp, aromatic and especially for couple one can use red color.

Colors impact on human mood-The red color is the color of love, energy, warmness, and increase sexual and romantic desires.
Green and brown color- If you want the feeling of greenery, freshness, then use this color combination.

Colors impact on mood-The green color is soothing for your eyes which makes your mood good; green color provides strength.
Best colors for Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the important parts of home; hence for kitchen one can choose color which matches color of kitchen cabinet
Best colors are- Dark white, light grey, dark Red, combination white, and cream, etc. Impact of these colors is as stated above.
Designing home is always depending on owner’s creativity understanding of color. Therefore before selecting a color, please consider that colors impact in your life.

Please research thoroughly for your dreamland.

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