Friday, 22 June 2018

There Is A Right Person For Everything

Buying a house is like dating but buying yourself a home is like getting into a marriage. When you get married you look for a partner that is going to be your strength, comfort, solace, sanctity, security, an individual to respect, an individual to put all your faith in, an individual to love forever and live with forever and you pray that the trust and love you share forever will never break. If that’s what we look in for a marriage then why is buying a house any different?

Back in school when we suddenly stumbled into the field of attraction with the opposite sex, wedesired to go out on dates. It was a much simpler time as we didn’t really make a list of what we like, what we want from our partner but rather the smallest speck of attention received was enough to make us feel that we were in love with the person. Time went by, attention turned to hatred, love turned to heartbreak, we crossed the line of immaturity to maturity and we learnt the meaning of being in a relationship and hence we all made ourselves a checklist. From thereon, on all our dates we ordered a third chair upon which our check list sat analysing aspects the potential date had or not, we rushed back home right after with it, hoping it would show us a magical number of 8 out of 10 but to our plight we’d see some figure ranging around 4 or 6. In no time we found ourselves sitting in on a romantic candle light dinner for two with our checklist being our date, soon the voices of our friends and families fill our heads asking us not to be so shallow, the perfect one doesn’t exist and if you remain this picky you’ll remain alone forever.

Though we fill our heads with doubt in relationships, that’s not applicable when it comes to buying a house. The house you chose,the house you invest your lifelong savings in, is more than a space between 4 walls determines your stature, it determines your zen why would you settle for anything that doesn’t suit your personality because to be honest the perfect house does exist. The list you make of your house having; a gym, outdoor and indoor swimming pool both, the billiards and pool table in the game room, a chess board and carrom board at the lounge, a park, high ceiling living rooms, spacious balconies so that you can host a barbeque, a house to accommodate all your friends without it being congested etc. All the amenities/ characteristics that determine your ideal home cannot be something you overlook and settle for anything you consider something you can live in.

Choosing the wrong house, isn’t an option because it’s a space you come back to when the whole world seems against you and if you have a leaky roof, dull cracked walls, peeling paint, howling dogs, mosquitoes and cockroaches running around that enter because of the dumpyard in the backyard where do you go to let of steam? The gym, take a walk in the park or go for a swim? But what if the amenities your searching for to let off steam is quite the travel and with all the traffic around it creates more agitation than decreasing it?

Your investment cannot be a settlement, you need to hang on till the boxes all are checked, because the house is where heart is and you cannot break up with it. So be wise and chose a house that doesn’t result in a heartbreak! Look for a marriage which doesn’t have a expiry date on it.

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